Sunday, April 4, 2010

safe within my anger stage

my dad did what many patients do after a diagnosis... he spent time on line finding homeopathic "cures" and a multitude of reason for what was happening.
don't drink dairy... it'll give you cancer.
eat whole grains... they prevent cancer.
don't microwave plastic... it causes cancer.
he became a bit of a health nut for the extent of his treatment.

on his last visit with the oncologist he was told none of the treatments had worked. his cancer had progressed as it was very aggressive. palliative care was suggested.... he came home... and ate two doughnuts and a glass of cow milk.

yesterday i was told that my aunt (tia, mama) vera has been diagnosed with RCC and there are hotspots on her colon which indicates that it has most likely spread. before i was born she battled breast cancer and her breast was removed. she never had re constructive surgery and is proud of her win over cancer and big foamy falsie.

i thought about my dad's attempt to save us all from cancer by forcing us to consider food that was good for us and the overall avoidance of toxins...little did he understand cancer's true nature... but now we understand... cancer is the boogeyman

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