Friday, April 16, 2010


advice... want some?
never tell a cancer patient what to do.
consider it a pet peeve of mine.

think about it.... when you have cancer inside of you, you have no choice but to relinquish some control...
so who are we.. or who is anyone to tell a patient what they should do and what treatment they should or should not do? don't they deserve THAT much control over what happens to them?

i was thinking of my dad today.. and how much he wanted to live... he would have tried anything..had there been anything else to try.... we were right behind him...but always giving him control to try or not try a treatment... believe me i wonder all the time if he would have had a better quality of life if he hadn't had treatment... chemo ravaged his body which he never recovered from... and i wanted him to stop and just enjoy the rest of his life...but he needed to do it for him... for us...

he didn't sleep and many days he would drag... and we would nag him to sleep at night.. that would make him feel better during the day... finally one night he looked my mom in the eyes and said "listen, you aren't going to like it, but i am going to sit here in my chair and watch tv. and i will go to bed when i want to".... my mom and i looked at each other and giggled... pumping our fists inside ourselves shouting "you go with your bad self".... by all means.. he deserved control over his damn sleep the end.. i'm so glad that my papa passed with dignitary.. a man in control of what cancer would allow.. till the end

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