Tuesday, September 13, 2011

another milestone

my brother turns 18 tomorrow... and here we are.. another milestone that our dad will not be here for...he got his licence and his first job within this year.. and now.. the big 18..of course that thought leads to everything else he will not be here for.. his graduation.. wedding.. but.. i didn't want this post to be a sad one...

when our dad's dad died i asked him what kind of father he was and if he was any kind of role model for the kind of dad our papa wanted to be.. he said that his dad was more of a provider than a teacher.. and that he wanted to be both.. then he laughed and said.. "heck..if your brother makes it to 18 i will be happy"..and i think.. well.. you did it dad.. you did your job.. and more.. because he may not be there physically tomorrow.. but his legacy will be present in the form of my brother..when i see the man he is becoming i see my dad.. i see everything he instilled in him..i mean..ok..my brother is far from the man he will someday be.. but i see glimmers and hints.. and i don't worry about him the way i would have before.. i see his potential and i see his heart.. and both are beautiful..

so what now brother bear? what's so big about 18? well here is a list of things you can do after tomorrow:
Buy tobacco
Change your name
Get a tattoo
Get a piercing
Work more hours
Sue someone /Be sued
Purchase liquid white out
Pawn something
Get married/Get divorced
Adopt a child
Be on Jerry Springer
Buy a lottery ticket
Get a hotel room
Call some "900" numbers
Go to a night club
Get a Sam's club/Costco membership
Sign legal documents
Get a loan
Buy insurance
Donate blood
Enlist in the military
Be convicted as an adult
Become a stripper
Obtain a credit card
Buy a monkey (w/ a license)
ok.. i didn't say you should do these things... but i totally support the monkey thing!