Saturday, June 5, 2010

agape love

can you spot my dad? he is in the front row.. he is the boy with the biggest smile on his face

someone really upset me last night.... i will admit.. i was seething... angry..
and then i remembered "agape love".... my dad gave me this lecture about having "agape love" for family... there was one person in particular who we struggled to like, let alone love.. but he wouldn't let us talk ugly about this person.. instead he reminded us... that this person was family... and we should have "agape love" for them... this is a love that is unconditional... we shouldn't expect anything of anyone.. just love them.. it was and is really doing us no good to be ugly to some one when they have no idea what they are doing wrong... after some time and in remembering this lesson.. i was no longer angry... anger is not productive in anyway...
so i was thinking about this.. and of course about my papa...people used to always say "your dad is so patient"...i suppose you'd have to be, with a daughter who doesn't think about consequences and a son who has never known consequences...
that is not to say he was a walking buddah... of course he got fact.. seeing dad upset was an event.. and usually brought more laughter than tears....after all we are the "stupid family"... but he had nothing but agape love for his stupid family!
so, my dad continues to teach me, mold me, remind me... and i understood that last night... i can not call him, i can not talk to him.. but somehow he can still get to me.. and help me become the person i want to be... a person with purpose... a person who is happy.. a person who can give agape love...

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  1. lovely entry.and so true.your dad was a special man.take care,mort x