Saturday, December 18, 2010

i am my father's daughter

last night, and i don't know how we got onto this subject, someone asked me if i knew why a woodpecker knocks on trees the way they do... i said "of course i know, i am my father's daughter"... because yes i do know why.. and i can tell you why i know and the circumstances as to how i learned the answer...
and i started to think.. there are many tidbits of seemingly useless knowledge that i have... because of my papa.. there are also specific traits and skills i have because of him... and as i thought about the woodpecker... i realized these things were taught... things i take for granted were lovingly taught to be by my papa...

i know how to fish.. from the casting to the gutting (although i refuse to do the icky stuff.. yes, i do know how)
i know how to build and start a fire
i know how to pitch a tent of all kinds with out the dumb directions
i know how to sit still and listen to nature
i know how to get my bearings and not panic if i am lost (i know this all too well, thanks papa for getting us lost in the first place haha)
i know the practicalities of knowing fractions
i know how to shoot, and i am a good shot
i know how to jump a vehicle
i know how to grease a disc brake and change a tire
i know the lyrics to all the songs in the world that matter
i know how to brush my teeth with a stick
and i know how to pee just about anywhere

yup, i am my father's daughter!

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